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    Meigeer Dental Teaches You How to Choose Toothbrush
    Release time:2015-08-10 15:46:02

        You can find many kinds of tooth brush as electric tooth brush, massage tooth brush or whitening tooth brush in supermarket. But most of Meigeer Dental’s patients are confused about how to choose tooth brush. Meigeer Dental found they generally rest their decision making on the attractiveness of the color, design and the claims made by the manufacturers while they neglect the basic function of a tooth brush is to reach and efficiently clean most areas of the teeth.


        What kind of Tooth Brush Should You Choose?

        The patients present several most concerned questions such as which is better between soft and hard bristle. The Korean expert Director Kim of Meigeer Dental suggested that a soft bristled tooth brush should be chosen as hard bristles tend to cause gingival recession. Soft bristles are more flexible, clean beneath the gingival margin and do not damage your gums. Moreover, the head should be small allowing it to effectively clean hard-to-reach areas of the teeth. Some people are confused about whether they should choose electric tooth brush. In fact, electric tooth brushes hold no significant advantage over the manual ones as believed by many. Powered toothbrushes should be used for handicapped or bedridden patients, children, Patients with Orthodontic appliances, patients lacking fine motor skills although they can choose just on personal preference. As for the handle, it does not play any significant role (as claimed by manufacturers) in improving the effectiveness of a tooth brush and should be chosen on your preference.

        When should I replace my tooth brush?

        Most people know that a toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months. But do you know that it should also be replaced when the bristles start to wear even within 3 months. A toothbrush whose bristles wears inside a couple of weeks is indicative of overzealous brushing and should be discouraged as it causes gingival recession, bacteremia, painful ulceration of the gingiva. A toothbrush whose bristles show no sign of wear and tear even after 5-6 months indicates that the brushing is excessively gentle. 

        At last, Meigeer Dental reminds you that an important aspect which most people are unaware of is replacing their toothbrush after cold, flu, sore throat or mouth infection. The microbes can accumulate on the brush leading to reinfection. 

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