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    Flossing Techniques & Tips
    Release time:2015-08-10 16:27:41

        No matter how hard the bristles or aggressive the technique, tooth brushing alone will not clean between the teeth. 

        Meigeer Dental expert team suggest ideal dental hygiene practice must include dental floss, soft tooth brushing after every meal (at least twice a day), and regular professional dental care. 


        Flossing Secrets 

        If you were to toss out your toothbrush and floss properly once or twice every day, you will achieve better dental health than brushing teeth alone three, four or ten times a day. 

    The choice of dental floss depends on many factors. A lightly waxed floss is suitable for most people. Besides, you can also choose perfumed or fluoridated floss. Learning the art of dental flossing takes time and patience:

        Wind 20 centimeters of floss around your two index or middle fingers or thumbs. Find the combination most comfortable to you. 

        Gently guide the floss between teeth removing plaque and debris by moving the floss up and down against each tooth. Carefully avoid the triangular papilla between the teeth. 

        Floss the back teeth in the same manner, using a fresh section of floss, as you move from tooth to tooth. 

        Dental Floss Substitutes 

        There are several alternatives to traditional dental floss. Each choice is suitable, but not as good as flossing. 

       Oral irrigating devices offer convenience and ease of use. They are especially valuable for patients who have fixed dental bridges, dental braces, or experience difficulty using the manual floss technique. 

         Floss holders may be easier to maneuver and just as effective as conventional flossing, if used properly. 

        Patients who floss and brush regularly, but still sense a bad taste or odor in the mouth, should try a tongue scraper to remove debris and plaque from the rough surface of the tongue. 

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