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  2. Meigeer Dental,From Germany
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    Minimally Invasive Implant
  3. Immediate Implants
  4. Immediate repair
  5. Immediate chew
  6. 4D world's most advanced dental implant technology
    FRIADENT Clinical and clinical research base cultivation base
    Millions of people around the world have FRIADENT implant bloom smile
    Why Dental Implants
    Harm tooth loss
  7. Affect the face beautiful
  8. Affect adjacent teeth grow
  9. Masticatory dysfunction
  10. Pronunciation dysfunction
  11. Cause tooth decay and gum disease
  12. Indications
  13. Mandible missing
  14. Free tooth missing
  15. Individual tooth missing
  16. Full mouth tooth missing
  17. Most tooth missing
  18. Traditional repair and dental implant
    Traditional prosthesis, need grinding intact adjacent teeth addition to its own organization, porcelain bridges because they do not close, and prone to periodontal disease, because there is no root edentulous appear disuse atrophy, leading to the adjacent teeth loose in advance.
    Dental implants and natural tooth structure as it is 3-4 times masticatory function of natural teeth, permanent restorations, so it is also known as the third deputy human teeth.
    Meigeer Advantage of planting teeth
    Implant tooth five steps
    First step
    Optical model of jaw and soft tissue by CT scan
    DR.Rocky Shi
    Planting Expert    Dean
    Dr Rocky Shi received his master degree at University of Washington,Seattle. He is clinical lecturer of German CEREC 3D, founding chairman of Taipei Congress of Oral Implantologists,member of Taiwan Congress of Oral Implantologist, member of Taiwan Congress of Oral Prosthodontics,member of International Congress of Oral Implantologists, clinical associate professor of Taipei Medical University,President of Taiwan Top Dental Clinic,Implantologist and Chief Training Specialist of King’s Dental. Dr.Shi leads the way in implantology,occlusion and prosthodontics.His expertiseand pleasant nature will make your dental experience easy and simple.
    Medical Director    Planting Expert
    Frankfurt University Master of Oral
    Meigeer Medical Director
    Growing Asia-Pacific Association
    helped create the United States Siegel Germany Feiya Dan planting mechanism
    Repeatedly went to the University of Frankfurt study visits, cooperation 4D painless minimally invasive plant technology
    Germany Sirona CAD / CAM esthetic restoration experts
    Invisalign hidden beauty fitness certification doctors
    Has won a special contribution to the United States implicitly applicable US company awarded prizes
    And DR.Shi co-founded the "reconstruction 3D Correction technology with the world's leading CAD / CAM restoration systems aesthetic restoration of" Meigeer technical
    DR.Junxian Hou
    Learn more Implant
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