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  2. Meigeer Dental,From Germany
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    Children from the German dental treatment center
    With regular dental care can prevent dental caries in children and malocclusion and other oral problems.Meigeer international prospective dental prevention philosophy combined with child psychology into children's oral treatment, did not provide child up to 14 years (2-16) full traceability of oral prevention, care, treatment and other services worry their kids there is a neat and beautiful teeth
    • Children are divided into deciduous caries and caries permanent teeth caries, both as important, deciduous caries occur after:

      Affect the child's chewing function, affecting maxillary and eruption of permanent teeth.
    • Not timely shedding of deciduous teeth, can not lead to the eruption of permanent teeth in the normal position, missing teeth appear

    • Not due to genetic factors and habits lead to the irregular arrangement of teeth, usually wrapped days, buck teeth, the beak, open jaw, etc., will affect the child facial growth and chewing function, more leads to an inferiority complex.


    • Have more tooth during tooth development arise primarily affects normal eruption of deciduous and permanent teeth, causing teeth appear irregular or gaps.
    • Deciduous early fall or early is unplugged, gum chewing food instead of milk teeth, gums after by food rub toughen subgingival permanent normal eruption can not bursting gums.
    • Carious
      Caries. Permanent teeth caries
    • Deciduous teeth
    • Missing teeth
      Land package days, buck teeth, the beak, open jaw etc.
    • Supernumerary teeth
    • Restricted tooth eruption
    Muscle function training treatment system
    To bad habits or genetic factors lead to missing teeth teenagers (land package days, buck teeth, etc.), early induction, intervention and treatment
    Children worry-free service one
    Environment (eliminate fear)
    According to the study child psychology color schemes; colorful cartoon toys, so your baby is no longer afraid of the dentist, relaxing smooth completion of treatment.
    Children worry-free service two
    Children's Dental Center dispersion quality clues carefully set by children with attention, customized dental procedure for the baby exclusive, pleasant finish dentist.
    Children worry-free service three
    In the entertaining children's teeth will be from the German anti-philosophy - "Prevention is better than cure" throughout the dental procedure, their kids teeth to establish the concept of love, to develop the habit of visiting a dentist regularly.
    Children worry-free service four
    Child in every important stage of tooth development, using international advanced prevention interventions, the teeth reach "0 decay, 0 deletions" so maxillary best.
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    F3,Longfor jingliguan,Yubei,Chongqing
    B304,Shidai Tianjie,Yuzhong,Chongqing
    No.62-3,Beichentianjie road,Jiangbei,Chongqing
    CQ ICP-09007682
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