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  2. Meigeer Dental,From Germany
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    CEREC Esthetic restoration
    The world's most advanced esthetic immediate restoration
    system(That chairside CAD/CAM system)
    More than 200 scientific patents
    Blue light scanner
    3D printer
    Computer 3D design system
    What people fit
    If you have the following conditions, then you suitable CEREC
    CEREC restoration way
      Single Crown   Filler material (Inlay/Onlay)   Veneer  
      傳統金屬修復后效果 傳統金屬修復材料修復后效果 CEREC 3D瓷貼面修復前牙齒情況  
      Repeatedly referral, the edge is not sealed, prone periodontal disease Because of shrinkage and inadequate precision of traditional materials prone to secondary caries, causing natural deletion For the tooth color and poor form customers, using veneer  
      CEREC牙冠 拆除金屬材料后,牙齒出現繼發齲 CEREC貼面制作后的形態  
      Computer 3D scanning production, without temporary teeth, one visit to complete Removing the remaining old filling material, to maximize the retention of the tooth structure itself 3D printing, precision-cut porcelain veneers, teeth and periodontal effects are well protected  
      CEREC牙冠修復后的效果 cerec貼面修復后的效果  
      Tech bio-ceramic CEREC restorations, aesthetics, excellent compatibility, high precision, easy to produce periodontal disease CEREC personalized production of all-ceramic restorations, natural beauty, precise place, permanent retention of natural teeth CEREC high permeability, high strength, high precision of a permanent nature to create beautiful restorations  
    CEREC digital restoration Five Steps
    CEREC advantage of one
    Time is short
    One visit, takes about an hour,
    instead of the traditional need 7-10 days to complete the repair
    CEREC advantage of two
    High precision
    Microwave ray scanning, computer once the cut is complete,
    is an important factor to prevent secondary caries
    CEREC advantage of three
    To maximize the retention and strengthening of their own tooth
    So get permanent retention of natural teeth
    CEREC advantage of four
    Perfect repair materials
    High strength, high permeability, no shrinkage of biological ceramics,
    is also an important factor to prevent secondary caries, beautiful, permanent and durable
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    B304,Shidai Tianjie,Yuzhong,Chongqing
    No.62-3,Beichentianjie road,Jiangbei,Chongqing
    CQ ICP-09007682
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