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  2. Meigeer Dental,From Germany
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    Fast,Full pain,
    Permanently preserve the tooth
    RCT and traditional crown restoration needs 6,7 times from the hospital, take the whole two and a half months Meigeer Disposable RCT repair techniques combined with 3D printing full Only 2.5 hours
    What is microscopic warm gutta RCT
    A process for dental pulp, apical lesions under the microscope root canal treatment
    Root canal is very thin, many branches, microbes and bacteria in the root canal of collateral difficult to clean; traditional RCT not be filling the root canal to the inner side branches; appears from the hospital treatment required 3-4 times, and from the post-treatment is also required hospital performed 2-3 times a crown restoration, lasted two months. The Meigeer disposable microsurgical warm gutta RCT combined with world advanced CEREC 3D repair system, 2.5 hours can be completed treatment and repair, more thorough and permanent retention of natural teeth.
  3. ·Pain can not normally eat
  4. ·Sudden, hot and cold stimulation and pain
  5. ·Night pain upgrade, can not sleep
  6. ·Toothache causes facial swelling
  7. Self
  8. ·Pulp necrosis
  9. ·Acute / chronic pulpitis
  10. ·Periapical periodontitis
  11. ·Pulp leakage
  12. ·Deep caries
  13. Process steps
    Advantages of Meigeer RCT
    General RCT
    Meigeer RCT
    Needle pain
    Traditional anesthesia / terrorist psychology, slow and long recovery time
    Painless anesthesia apparatus with automatic navigation function
    Length is determined
    Hand experience, imprecise
    The use of infrared detection, accurate measurement of root canal length
    Root canal preparation mode
    Not / root canal or root canal side through omission
    Enlarge microscopic root canal preparation
    Ultrasonic swished
    No / residual infectious agents
    Essential / debridement thoroughly
    Filling method
    Non-pressurized / fill imprecise
    Warm vertical pressure, filling tight
    Root canals
    Small taper 2% / residual root canal space
    HD 3D stereo zoom effect, Dr. Lee's diagnosis, postoperative comfort, extend the life of the teeth
    Treatment times
    Multiple / inefficient easy to secondary infection
    Once completed treatment
    Repair method
    Crown / worn out tooth structure more prone forward periodontal problems
    3D inlay repair, permanent natural teeth
    Treatment time
    6-7 times, every time need two and a half months to complete
    From treatment to 3D inlay restoration is just one 2.5 hours to complete treatment
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    F3,Longfor jingliguan,Yubei,Chongqing
    B304,Shidai Tianjie,Yuzhong,Chongqing
    No.62-3,Beichentianjie road,Jiangbei,Chongqing
    CQ ICP-09007682
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